Solar Tracking System



Less cost: <15% of the total investment of the power plant

Higher tracking precision: possible to be set between 0.250 to 20 (maximum precision: 0.10 )

Less power consumption : for every KW of the power plant, daily power consumption of tracking is <0.003 KWh

Longer quality –guaranteed period: 25 years

Wider utility scope: >2500 in the azimuth angle, >1200 in pitch angle

Simpler controlling program: complete time control, more stable operation

Easier to transport and install: less parts and weight, suitable for transportation by containers; does not necessitate large-scale machinery for installation

More reasonable structure: design of weight-balanced structure; driving motors operate smoothly with small load

Easier to maintain and repair: less wearing parts that are easy to install, low bracket is convenient to be cleaned

The energy generated can be increased by more than 35% to 50%

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