Triumph – Tubular Gel VRLA Battery


Triumph – Tubular Gel VRLA battery offered by HBL is a thoroughly proven product, designed to meet the demanding needs of many diverse applications. These batteries are technologically advanced and are ideal for regular cycling and deep discharge requirements of Telecom BTS sites. These batteries offer excellent cycle life (much higher than Flat plate AGM VRLA batteries) and good performance under partial state of charge operation. Tubular Gel VRLA batteries are highly suitable for telecom BTS sites having unreliable grid power or sites without grid power.

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Exide Power Safe EP Series


Sealed Maintenance Free

Free from Orientation Constraints

Eco Friendly

Minimal Voltage Drop

Easy Handling- Easy Installation

Ready to Use

Good Service Life

Law Self Dischare

Charge retention & Recovery

Superior High Rate Discharge

High Reliability

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Exide- EL Tubular


The new EL Range are manufactured as per Exide’s proprietary Torr Tubular Technology using one of the world’s most exclusive, advanced and state of the art ‘HADI’ pressure spine casting (at 100 bar) machines.

Exide- Gel Tubular VRLA Batteries


Positive Plate: Robust Torr Tubular Spine with Pb-Ca-Sn alloy

Negative Plate: Pb-Ca alloy grid

Separator: Micro-porous and resin based with high porosity

Electrolyte: Sulphuric acid in immobilized gelled form specially made by mixing thixxotropic inert additives

Container and Lid: Made of high grade addittive filled polypropylene co-polymer material

Valv-Flame arresting vent plug housing long life rubber safety valve

Bolt-on Terminal with brass insert

Connector: Lead coated solid copper connector with insulating shroud/top cover

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Self-discharge: Less than 1% per week

Shelf life without re-charge: Upto 6 months

Operating conditions: – 40° C to + 60° C

Design Float Life: 20 Years

Design Cycle Life: 4000 @20% DOD; 2000 @50% DOD; 1200 @ 80% DOD

Recombination Efficiency: > 98%

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A unique heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, to increase cyclic life in topical environments

Radgrid profile provides lower internal resistance and superior high-discharge perfomance

Instacharge a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance

Low sel-discharge rates for extended storage periods

Conforms to international Standards- JIS 8702C

Design float life of 10 years



Robust, safe and reliable

Suitable for PSOC and deep discharge

Unique heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in topical environments

Radgrid profile providing lower internal resistance and perfomance

Instacharge, a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance

Low self-discharge rates ensures high charge retention

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